Erik did an unbelievable job putting our group on the crappie in early Feb 2019. There was no shortage of hard work or help to make sure our trip was well worth it, and hands down it was. The dude even made pizza bites!To ice the cake, we pulled a muskie out on a tip up!! #&$*ing Awesome day! Thank you Erik. I’ll certainly look to Catch and Capture when I plan an open water trip. Reccomend with full confidence.

Jerry Dotson

First off, I got to say that if you ever even have the thought of chasing musky (or for that matter anything in the north woods) on the fly, all you need to do is make one phone call and that’s to Catch & Capture! I have been out fishing numerous times with Erik and I got to say it’s a trip of a lifetime! Erik is not only incredibly knowledgeable about the water and where you should be fishing, at what time of the day, year, and season but he also know exactly what to throw for whatever species of fish you are targeting! That’s not where this ends though, more than likely you will be throwing a fly the Erik tied for that specific area, and to top it off, while your up on the bow of the boat double hauling away Erik manages to capture the moments of you fishing, fighting a fish and landing it and with a the safe return to the water. How many guides do that for the customers?! I now make it a point every year to make it to Hayward, Wisconsin to see EriK and book as many days in a row I can to fish with him! Some of my most favorite fishing pictures of myself were taken by EriK! So like I said, call EriK at Catch & Capture and book a fishing trip of a life time! I promise this is a one-of-a-kind experience that you will never forget plus you will have the pictures to prove it! Do yourself a favor and go fish with the best! 

John Anderson

Catching a muskie on the fly has been on the bucket list for my son Brock and I for years. I finally got the chance to do so with a wonderful, experienced guide and the trip didn’t disappoint. Erik Thue generously donated to the Minnesota Outdoor Adventure Foundation, as did I when I purchased the guided muskie fly-fishing trip at their annual banquet. In June 2016 we fished with Erik at scenic area lake in Hayward and it really was worth every penny. Erik began the day teaching Brock and I the finer points of casting a muskie fly. Erik’s teaching style is personable and informative, and clearly he knows what he’s doing. He enjoys his work and brings a high level of energy throughout the day. Within the first hour, Erik had us dialed in to our first fish. As I was chatting with him on a retrieve, low-and-behold a muskie ate and it was game on! A couple of jumps later even with the rod buried, and the fish was in the boat. Later in the morning while we were trying to capture some GoPro footage, the camera suction mount broke loose and fell in the water. Even with the orange floating attachment it still sank. Here’s where Erik earned his credibility even more. We all spent a few minutes searching the water and retracing our route and Brock spotted the GoPro. Erik to the rescue with the net! GoPro salvaged! Throughout the rest of the day, we had wonderful conversation, great teaching, beautiful scenery, and several more muskies that kept the excitement level high. We are so thankful to have shared the day with Erik and look forward to our next trip to the Hayward area.  

Dave Schueck

Erik took myself and my girlfriend out on a beautiful fall afternoon hunting for the elusive Musky this past October. While we didn’t get any hookups, Erik was able to teach us very quickly the proper techniques of casting musky flies. Had a great time and we can’t wait to get back out on the boat this summer!

Grant Meyer